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Jeffrey Cuddy

Our estimable owner and senior stylist, Jeff has 10+ years in the hair industry. It gives Jeff great pleasure to create hairstyles that are fashion forward yet wearable in everyday living. Jeff is inspired by fashion and nature. He is super easy to talk to and a great listener. Jeff’s vision for opening Oiseau was to create a space that is comfortable for clients and inspiring for stylists.

Jennifer Planta

Jenn brings more then 15 years experience and education to the Oiseau team. Over the years Jenn has participated in numerous fund-raisers, hairshows and photo-shoots. Although she enjoys the wide range of creativity involved with her career, her ideal day is designing a hair colour and style that Oiseau guests will feel great in.

Laura Legacy

Oiseau Salon is so excited to welcome Laura to our team! Whether you're looking for a funky cut & fashion colours or beautiful natural balayage with soft layering, Laura is here to help you have your next favourite hairstyle.

Ali Spafford

Ali keeps the salon organized and running smoothly. Part of her daily mission is to keep everyone laughing. You'll love her creative, fun and warm vibe as she welcomes you when you arrive!

Rob Malone

Rob’s natural good taste and business savvy were instrumental in the design process for the layout/style of the salon. He wanted to create a warm and inviting atmosphere where clients could come to relax and stylists were inspired to unleash their creativity on a daily basis. Rob has a genuine warmth and charm that helps welcome each client and hopefully make them feel at home within the salon.


Our people greeter extraordinaire. A wag of the tail and a little kiss are just some of the skills Paisley brings to the team. When she's not greeting guests, she's often found sleeping on the job which makes her the laziest Oiseau team member…but it's just so hard to get mad at that face.
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